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Paintology are proud to be awarded the title of best decorator in portsmouth UK  





Art and painting is something that has always been within my family. My Grandad was a freehand sign-writer and my dad an architectural plan drawer (before CAD came along that is and squished the art-form!). I grew up watching my dad decorate from as young as I can remember. Right from the beginning it was drummed into me the importance of having pride in the work you create. Everything you do isn't 'just another job', it's a stepping stone to your next, so I make sure to adhere to the mentality of, 'you're only as good as your last job'. Having picked up a wide range of skills from a young age, I went on to pursue another passion of mine, photography.

I studied Art Photography at both Diploma and Degree level, whilst using my trade skills to help fund things as I went. Over the next few years I found myself leaning on my photography more and more to not only pay the bills, but to be my hobby also - something which after a while just didn't tick, and was making me neglect my passion for decorating. Something had to change, so I decided to run both alongside each-other. Decorating became my main operating business, which then enabled me to pick my photo projects as I saw fit. This is where I find myself now, and I couldn't be happier! -  Callum MacDonald