Here is a list of our most commonly asked questions, all answered in detail.

"Why are there no price's on the website?"

All of my prices here at Paintology are bespoke to the painting or decorating job in question. With no two jobs being the same I don't blanket my costs. Instead, I consider your needs individually and quote on a job per job basis. I find this to be a much fairer way of meeting my customers needs.

"Will your quote be the cheapest?"

I operate an honest and upfront policy here at Paintology, in a bid to try and eradicate the wrong-doings of the many 'cowboy' tradesmen that are out there. As mentioned above, all of my quotes are bespoke to the project at hand and go through much consideration to make the project as cost-effective for the customer as possible. Whilst every effort is made to give a fair price ,I cannot guarantee that my quote will be the cheapest that you may come across. I offer a professional and high-quality service, so whilst I do take budgets into consideration, I don't believe on ever skimping on quality - so to not fall below the standards I pride myself on delivering to my customers.

"I don't want to be opening my door to anyone off the street. Do you have a safety procedure in place?"

Some of my elderly customers feel less comfortable with letting people into their home, and I appreciate that. That's why I operate a 'Password Policy' so you can be rest-assured that it will only ever be me that is turning up to work for you. If this is something you wish to implement on your project, all you need to do is state that on your point of contact to me and I will be happy to put this in place for you.

"If I supply my own paint/materials, will this reduce the overall cost of the project?"

In some rare occasions yes, but the more commonly short answer in no. When it comes to painting and decorating at a professional level, the quality of the products used really will make or break the final outcome of a project. I use only trade-standard paints and materials here at Paintology, as they are made specifically for producing a professional job. I do not recommend the purchase of 'own brand' products from local DIY stores, as these are almost always inferior. Paints that also claim to be 'one-coat wonders', seldom are, and will result in costing more to right the wrongs that these products produce.

The only exception to the rule is if you are able to get a good deal on trade-standard materials yourself. But again I have a list of trusted suppliers that I use and will undoubtedly be able to get the most cost-effective deals for you myself.

"Do you work weekends?"

My main working hours are Mon - Fri 8:30am - 16:30pm.
I do work weekends if a project needs to be completed within a tight time-frame, but this will however incur additional costs. This is mainly due to the fact that I - like most people, like to enjoy time with my family come the weekend!

"Where do you travel out to?"

I am based in Portsmouth Hampshire and cover the surrounding areas such as: Southsea, Hayling Island, Fareham,  Emsworth, Petersfield, Waterlooville and Hampshire.
If you're based just outside of any of these areas though, to save all doubt just pop a message across to me and I will see what can be done!

"Do you offer free estimates?"

Yes! If you send me through an email with as much detail on your project as possible, this will enable me to get a pretty good idea of costings etc. To make things more accurate I will head out to you for a viewing, as this will allow me to put together a thorough proposal for your consideration.

"Are you fully insured?"

Yes! I have Full Public Liability Insurance so if the worst was to ever happen (it hasn't to date, touch-wood) then you will be covered, no questions asked.

"What if I change my mind on having the project go ahead?"

Of course I would love to be the one to see the project through for you, but I understand that things happen and circumstances change with regards to funds etc. As long as none of the works have begun to take place then you will not be held to the estimate that I have provided you with. If, however, the works have started, then I would expect to be paid up for what's been carried out, plus materials, and dependant on the time-scale of the job there may be an additional cancellation fee (this covers me for missing other potential works).

"Are you pet/children friendly?"

I love pets! I myself have a springer spaniel who likes to accompany me on a lot of my jobs (with the customers permission of course!). With regards to children I have grown up surrounded with nieces and nephews, so as long as they aren't kicking the bottom of a ladder whilst I'm at the top we're all good!

"Will you leave my home looking like a bomb-site?"

No! I'm actually a bit of a clean freak when it comes to the workplace. Mess left from the day before is twice as much to do tomorrow...and that doesn't sound like a great idea to anybody! I take great care over my customers homes and belongings, and make sure I'm armed with plenty of dust-sheets, bags and my hoover.

"If the project was to run over the estimated completion date, will this incur additional costs?"

In short, no. Whilst I do my best to judge the correct amount of time needed to complete a project, curveballs can happen - but this won't add on any additional costs to the agreed amount. If however, the delay is due to additional works being carried out, then this will of course be charged for in addition to the previously agreed amount.

If you have any further questions which you can't find listed above, please feel free to head to the contact page and pop a message across to me. Click on the link below to take you straight there.