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Interior / exterior

Whether it's a full re-vamp indoors, or just a lick of paint to lift the front of the house, both areas are accommodated for.

Comprehensive prep-work

Undoubtedly THE most important aspect of any decorating project. Paint won't even be in eyeshot of a wall till all surfaces are fully checked and appropriately prepped. Cracks, bumps, scrapes, dodgy-filled screw-holes...it can all be taken care of.

wallpaper stripping

Wallpaper stripping...a job a hated by so many, yet loved by so few. Luckily for you, I lean towards the latter, so can take care of the task so you don't have to.

Paint stripping

Something had a few too many coats of paint? No problem. Via the use of a number of safe methods, the paint can be removed to reveal what's been hidden for all those years.

spray finishing

Looking for that factory finish on your new units, or perhaps you have some detailed plasterwork or a fireplace that could do with a spruce-up? A brush is no good in these situations, but my professional hvlp spray system most certainly is.

stain blocking

Have a persistent stain on the ceiling from when the bath overflowed a few years back?  Or perhaps things are looking a bit drab due to too much smoke or nicotine? I'll make sure it's gone for good and back to looking like new.

Any scale of works

Can't decide whether you want just the front door re-painted or all 52 rooms? That's fine! Each and every job is treated with the same attention to detail and care - irrespective of scale.

residential / commercial / industrial

Homeowner? Letting Agent? Shop owner? No matter what your industry is, I can help you with what you need doing.

£5 million public liability insurance

Your piece of mind is paramount to me, so I am fully-insured should anything unforeseen ever happen.

Only ever trade materials used

I believe in offering not only the best service to my customers but the top trade products too. I am equipped with a wide assortment of colour charts across all major brands for you to choose between, plus I order/collect all necessary materials at no extra charge